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How to Choose LED Lamps
Categories: How To Choose The Lights?
Posted: 2019/7/3

How to choose LED lamps?
Professional buyers will directly judge the quality through product technical parameters. Professional, simple and fast.
Here we briefly describe how to choose lamps.

1. The lighting place to be used must be clear first. Indoor and outdoor are different, office lighting and home lighting are different too.

2. Refer to the lighting site in detail to determine the desired lighting effect. Is it the bright light of the hall or the romantic atmosphere, and the intelligent lighting is standard lighting.

3. After considering the first two steps, you can determine the type and category of lighting fixtures, even the power of the lamps.
The following is to consider the perfect match with the lighting location, such as the color of the lamp housing and personalized lighting.

4. Then you can consider the quality of the product. Product quality assurance, how long it can be used. More professional, you can go to understand PF and CRI.

5. There are basically so many. However, some lamps will also involve accessories, you also need to consider purchasing and assembly of accessories.

6. For intelligent lighting, sometimes need to match the debugging system, there will be a lot of technical parameters need to be determined, and even need to send samples for testing.

The above is a brief description. If you want to know more, you can go to "LED Lighting Basics", where there are more detailed statements. Or you can consult our professional sales@eldon.cn

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