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FAQs for LED Products Order
Categories: LED FAQs
Posted: 2020/7/3

We have said a lot about LED. Here the FAQ is about LED product order.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1, Size, Wattage, CCT, CRI, Voltage, PF, Materials, Color of LED product technology data.
Answer: you could check the product page, or directly send email to us. sales@eildon.cn

2, Does the product have accessories?
Answer: for integrated lamp we would free supply accessories, a few need extra charge. For some special parts, please show us product picture, we would love to help.

3, Does product have data label?
Answer: All products have basic data label. If you would like to make personal label, we would try to do it free for you.

4, Can I have lovely brand logo on every lamps?
Answer: Of course, you can. Just simple type free, special type might be with extra cost.

5, We are wholesales, and we have to use personal box. Can you cooperate perfect package?
Answer: We have professional design for color box, No problem!

6, We have fashion design about the lamp, but we need professional manufacture. Are you?
Answer: Honestly we are not big company, just have less 20 people working in factory. But we have electric engineer, color box designer and complete industry chain partners.
        If you would like to give us chance, we have confidence to give you one good sample, including brand color box.

7, Do you have color box for product?
Answer: Usually we have neutral color box for you. If you have requirements, you could tell us at first.

8, Do you have quality certificate for LED lamp.
Answer: for using safe, we have EMS LVD(CE), FCC, SAA and some lamps have ETC UL. For environment protection, we have ROHS.

9, I have one project, could you give me advice?
Answer: We have experience for 6 years. We could not say professional for every project, but we know LED lights better than you, I think we would have useful suggestion for you.

10, If your product have quality problem in warranty, what should I do?
Answer: Usually we don’t have the quality problem.
        But if you do meet the problem, please contact us soon. We would try to do fast saving problem, and give you solution. More details pls visit “Our Service”.

11, How long can I receive them?
Answer: that depends on delivery ways. 3-7 working days for airplane, 20 days for air ship, and for Europe there are trains 20-40 days.

If you think we miss something, we would appreciated you give us suggestion. sales@eildon.cn

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